People of faith and conscience will continue . . . because that is the nature of our faith and our moral duty.

In general I think she's an admirable person, but I don't think she's shown that she's one of the better legal minds in the country.

My guess is that in the clear majority of cases, perhaps the overwhelming majority of cases, after everything is shook out, abortion will remain legal at least in the earlier stages.

I think the main effect of all this will be in a relatively small number of highly sensitive source situations, this could have a real chill.

The deal more than doubles the size of the group in the U.S. and is expected to be earnings enhancing in year one.

The fact of the matter is very few appellate judges have had reason to rule on huge executive power issues, so the track record is not that informative.

It's something some people have been aware of already, but this case has certainly heightened people's awareness of it.

It was already the position of his administration that Mitchell should have immunity. This is exactly what you do when you're in the solicitor general's office in cases like this. You argue for the broadest executive power position that can be argued. No one in any administration — Democrat or Republican — would have said anything different.