Just watching him run around in practice, seeing how fast he is, you could see how he could do that. I really respect him for what he's doing out here. We like to kid him, though, about his scouting job, wondering what he's writing about himself.

I just want to get an advantage -- either in the weight room or by watching film, whatever. I'm very competitive and I've focused 110 percent on football, devoting all my time to football and getting my body in position to compete at the next level.

The hardest working man on the field.

I know they think Julius Jones is the next Emmitt Smith . I played against the guy in college and he's a good running back but he's not a great running back. We knew we were going to shut down the running. That allowed us to get some sacks and pressure on Bledsoe.

That kind of stuff usually happens to us. To have it happen to them was nice to see. ... It was huge for us.

There are two teams I'd like to play for. The Texans, who have a lot of young talented guys who can be great players, and the Lions, since I'm from Michigan -- and it would give me the chance to go against Charles Rogers every day.

I can just remember him going through his progression, and it was just like picture-perfect, ... Back then, with five wide receivers, he had a lot of guys to choose from. He'd go through 'em, come back to his first one, go to his second one and hit the third one on the second time around for a big play.

I thought maybe they would try to exploit those guys a little bit. Even when they tried, they were knocking down passes, making tackles and stopping them short on third downs. It was awesome to see.

Man, let's get [the draft] here, let's go, let me get on the road to wherever.