Steve Young
FameRank: 8


* Davey O'Brien Award (1983)

* Consensus first-team All-American (1983 College Football All-America Team/1983)

* College Football Hall of Fame inductee (2001)

* Silver Anniversary Awards (NCAA)/NCAA Silver Anniversary Award (2009)

* BYU Cougars football/BYU Cougars #8 retired


* 7× Pro Bowl selection (1993 Pro Bowl/1992, 1994 Pro Bowl/1993, 1995 Pro Bowl/1994, 1996 Pro Bowl/1995, 1997 Pro Bowl/1996, 1998 Pro Bowl/1997, 1999 Pro Bowl/1998)

* 3× Associated Press/AP First-Team All-Pro (1992 All-Pro Team/1992, 1993 All-Pro Team/1993, 1994 All-Pro Team/1994)

* 3× AP Second-Team All-Pro (1995 All-Pro Team/1995, 1997 All-Pro Team/1997, 1998 All-Pro Team/1998)

* United Press International/UPI Second-Team All-Pro/All-NFC (1996)

* 3× Super Bowl Champion (Super Bowl XXIII/XXIII, Super Bowl XXIV/XXIV, Super Bowl XXIX/XXIX)

* Super Bowl XXIX MVP

* 3× NFC Championship Game/NFC Champion (1988–89 NFL playoffs/1988-1989–90 NFL playoffs/1989 1994-95 NFL playoffs/1994)

* 1992 NFL MVP (NFL MVP Award#Associated Press NFL POY.2FMVP Award/AP, NFL MVP Award#Pro Football Writers Association NFL MVP Award/PFWA, NFL MVP Award#Sporting News NFL MVP Award/SN, Bert Bell Award/MX)

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He's going to be there, and he's going to be open.

There will be a massive jump for Mike this season.

I was hoping I was going to be back as soon as possible. Then they told me, before I got the MRI results back, that they thought it was an ACL tear and I would be out six months. I was pretty stoked when I found out it wasn't my ACL. I worked as hard as I could to get back.

He brought everything to the pinnacle.

I think if somebody would give him the opportunity today to be a top-three receiver on a team, he'd still be playing.

But Mike is a straight shooter, and this is probably as good of a situation as it could be. This is one of the rational, reasonable ways you would think it would have to come to an end.

When you're an elite athlete, it's a very special moment in time and you don't want it to end.

There's no way I would fill up our cars with gas once a week any more. We're not using a full tank of gas even once a month.

It'll come. When it does, that's when he'll be doubly dangerous.