We're always happy to welcome back our former winners plus these Ryder Cuppers who have performed on the international stage. These well-known shot-makers will make this year's field even stronger.

It's always a pleasure to have our former champions return. So many of them have developed a solid following with our faithful fans.

We're very tickled about this whole Players Am deal -- these are all guys making names for themselves. It's so great for us, because we're getting to know all those guys. Without question, it's one of the biggest assets that the foundation has right now.

You have a lot of people here during Easter.

It was a lot closer than people thought.

We have enjoyed our affiliation with MCI since 1987, and we look forward to continuing and expanding that relationship.

These four golfers add quality depth to an already outstanding field. Our wonderful fans should be excited to see Holmes play in our tournament for the first time.

Nick Price was one of our most popular champions.