As soon as you let somebody who will pay up to $20,000 come and shoot a large elk in a pen, that kind of tips the scales way away from an agricultural activity because the products themselves would not be worth that much.

[The opposing defense] has to pick their poison. Do you want Adam to run or pass? It's a good play, especially when we're effective with our sweeps and options, because then its a deadly play.

On the way up I told them, 'You know, if we win this game, it's probably the last game ever at Busch Stadium,'.

I was really pleased with our offense, but I can't say enough about the defense, ... We only had one breakdown late in the second half. Everyone's doing their job, no one's trying to be a hero. Everything's working out great, I couldn't be more pleased.

All the couples that I know of, especially the ones who have kids, usually one of them has to make sacrifice of competing less. Nine times out of 10, it's the wife that does it.

It's a major concern. We can't do that and continue to win games.

This was a big division game. We were playing not just for the division but for the wild-card spot. If we lose to them, then we're tied for second in the division.

They just said, 'Yeah, you wish.' (Grin.) That was a fun ride.

It was a physical game, 31 fouls. And that's not an advantage for us. We're more of a finesse team.