Steve Watson
FameRank: 5

"Steven Craig "Steve" Watson" is a former English Association football/footballer, who retired after being released by Sheffield Wednesday on 15 May 2009.

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Everybody knows him for one thing. So we tried to work on the rest of it. You can quantify it or qualify it that way - we worked on everything but the deep ball.

I think we need a more comprehensive and ... stronger agreement of what we consider to be a standard that we can all agree to.

The most complete receiver that I've ever seen.

I caught up with him in the second yard there and tackled him, was wrestling him around with him on the ground until I got [into a] position on top of him. The neighbors came down and started holding his feet and we were holding him until the police got there.

To break our run against Arsenal after going a goal down was tremendous.

We don't even talk about last week.

It's just one of those things that you read about and you're like, 'I can't believe that happened and it happened to me,'.

An individual came from the back door and had an armful of property and we asked if he lived there and he said, 'no.' We asked him what he was doing there and he said he stopped to use the bathroom.

You're talking about a guy that everybody wrote off as a player coming out of college. I've got more respect for him than any other player I've encountered in the game.