We're concerned that Southwest Florida is a particular haven for victims of human traffickers.

Some of it has to do with habitat loss, urban sprawl taking away places where people used to hunt. And people just don't have time.

Polling done for the purposes of publicizing results is meaningless. And I think the media are guilty of spending too much time on polls People don't vote based on polls.

We find it incredible that a man surrounded by two sober officers was able to suddenly sit up and pull a 15-inch knife from behind his back, swivel around and come out of bed in one motion.

We rode a solid race, but we still have a lot of improvements to make. One is to build upon strokes and pick up a lot more speed - move the boat faster during the middle of the race.

They've made an investment here in a special way, unique to any other place in the country.

People are spending more on their hobbies to make their free time more enjoyable.

If it works, and I know it will, we need to look at how to replicate it elsewhere.