Where they are at at the moment, they're not as good as us.

I cannot believe he was sent off, it was never a red card in a million years. And now we are going to be missing a natural winner through suspension.

We were nervous and it showed in the way we failed to put our passes together. It's still in our hands and I am confident we shall achieve our goal.

I keep saying that we have got to keep our feet on the ground.

We need all the support we can get down to Wales. I know it is a long way and it has been an expensive season but one final push could make all the difference for our promotion charge.

Losing isn't the end of the world; we have enough quality to be fine. One defeat in nine games isn't bad.

Our destiny is still in our own hands.

It was an unbelievable result for us. Throughout the season the team has been united and stuck together. It has been a real team effort from everyone.

We've got another two games, hopefully we can get that win.