When we were in the jury room, there were tears shed. It was a difficult process to stand in judgment of someone else.

After this particular count, I said it looks like we have a hung jury. So I actually considered writing a note to the judge to say this, we're at a deadlock.

All the jurors took notes to pay attention and stay awake. We chewed a lot of gum and ate a lot of candy.

A majority would be for guilty but quite a few would be for not guilty on the first votes on each of the counts.

It was quite difficult for a number of jurors. There were tears shed because we felt empathy for the two defendants.

The pressure, the weight of that on us was quite intense. We had a lot of people with headaches, a lot of people with upset stomachs. It was taking a physical toll on us by the end.

We didn't take a lot of breaks. Even when we ate dinner, they'd bring it in and we'd eat a little bit and get back to work, even as we finished eating.