I'm hopeful this issue will be worked out. It's an issue we should be able to work through.

Part of their charge will be to ultimately find alternative revenue streams, and there are some out there. For example, the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission this past year floated a (multi-million-dollar) bond that was available to communities up and down the Delaware River for various road improvements.

The idea is to get citizens involved in our budget process, not just when budget time rolls around in the fall but to involve them in the process throughout the year.

We've talked about ultimately having four of these a year, but it's probably best to start slower, so my vote for this year is July 4 and possibly something later in the fall. I think July 4 is a good one to start with because that is a celebration for the whole country.

There's a need to do this as a means of increasing citizen participation in our budget process. Obviously, what the township spends and what we're taking in are issues that are near and dear to all of us since we all pay taxes and no one wants to pay more taxes. And we all want to find the most economic way to function in the township while providing a high level of service.

This gives the members of the town another opportunity to participate in the process and be assured that we're doing everything we can to be fiscally responsible.

We are facing increasing challenges to bring more revenue into the township so that we can avoid future tax increases. This is something we can do to help with that.

It needs to be done in a unified, cohesive manner, not piecemeal. I think as a board, our job is to be proactive and go out and look for that, and not wait for people to come to us.

We had hoped to have before us a finalized settlement agreement. But there is one issue that needs to be resolved which makes it impossible to consider a final agreement tonight.