This was a total team effort tonight. We won the battle on the boards (48-32) and I thought we really executed our offense well down the stretch.

Travis took advantage of them laying back in the lane. He shot it in the set-up game, and he shot it in transition. He was outstanding.

He's not a kid who is tied to the block. He can go outside and score, and because he shoots so well out there, we have some high-low stuff that we've run very well.

So far, it's been an incredible run with a great group of kids.

What a game. Our guys never game up, and when we needed a big shot, someone stepped up and knocked it down. Our guys really played (well) today.

The conference tournament will be big for us. If we play well, we can get that No. 1 seed in the region and host a regional. If we win it, I would think we'd be almost guaranteed to host a regional.

We have a first-team all-conference player in Jeremy Richardson, a 6-7 kid who plays small forward. He gives us an excellent perimeter player. He's been at 18 or 19 a game.

We've put ourselves in position to play for the whole thing - to play for a national championship. Boy, it's going to be a tough road. But we have a group of guys who really believe we can do it. I told them that if we win it all, we'd have to go out there and get the biggest rings we can find.

He is someone who has given us a real go-to guy.