We made some mental mistakes and that opened the door for them. We hit the ball very well. But we had the bases loaded with one out in the fourth and could not score a run.

We are proud to earn this award. It represents a great deal of hard work for us, for our suppliers and for their suppliers. We salute our team of exemplary employees and suppliers, and share this honor with them.

Their pitcher struggled in the first. He walked three of the first four batters and we jumped on the opportunity.

There's definitely a need. You just have to go down to University Hospital emergency psychiatry services and see the people lined up.

I waited too long before I took Joel (Morgan) out. They got their hitting going, especially with two outs. We made crucial mistakes and they took advantage of them.

He had better velocity than he's had and he had good location. Those guys are formidable hitters, and we knew that.

Early on, we could throw all five guys in the same game. We're going to go with a committee of pitchers, and for them to have success, our defense is going to have to play really well. That is going to be a huge key for us.

We hit the ball that inning. It was a good win for us.