I think you're going to find that in the individual event medals, there's more competition for those. And some of the countries that don't have as much depth are going to focus on specialists for those individual event medals.

It's changed the dynamic of what you do. I think the one advantage that we have with the new scoring system is that our depth is so strong that a deep team is going to have a much greater chance in both the team and individual all-around events.

We've kind of gotten over whether they should have used it as a test year. This will evolve a little bit over the next two years. Between 2006 and 2007, we're all going to be adapting. But we're hoping what we can do is get to the 2007 world championships and everyone will be able to hone in on Beijing.

There's a few million people who will see this around the country. NBC sports has always been a partner of ours. I think on Easter Sunday, late in the afternoon, it's a good time in the day where people are just settling in on the day.

With the pacific countries getting so much better internationally it's a great opportunity to test ourselves against superior and great gymnasts.