There's nothing we've calculated from a business model that has been changed because of the Sony announcement.

Early on, our focus will be on helping the retailers communicate to the consumer in the store. That's where the decision is really happening and where the education that needs to happen will happen--it's not going to happen in a 30-second commercial, and it's probably not going to happen in a series of print ads.

We've done a lot of research on how to price products, and consumers are telling us they're willing to pay $10 to $15 more for high-definition services.

Our mission is to give real estate agents the recognition they deserve by giving their clients a voice and a platform in which consumers can read reviews from others' experiences.

That's something we could never do with DVD.

The conversion of 'I think it's unique' to 'I will buy it' is much higher for HD-DVD.

We conducted this study to get a feel for how consumers feel about the two formats.

From October to December, we expect at least $250 million to possibly as much as $750 million in sales industry-wide.