The tour company neglected to check the schedule.

She didn't say anything, her teacher didn't say anything, the mother didn't say anything. So the contest proceeded.

About 30 students either during their nutrition break in the morning or at lunch, and it was fairly serious. There's no getting around that. A number of teachers tried to intervene and get the fight to stop. They kept going and school police eventually had to use pepper spray to get the thing calmed down and there were any number of students suspended as a result of that.

It was pretty much a fiasco. They ended up wasting a day that those kids could have better spent in class or doing what they were going to do at the park.

We know families looking to relocate consider the quality of schools a critical factor in their decision-making.

We think of the typical eighth grader as young and immature. Sixty days later they're high school freshmen. Is it reasonable to assume they've suddenly gained all the maturity and experience to function competently at a comprehensive high school?