Drake does a great job with its defensive system. But we were only 5-for-19 on three-pointers and I don't remember many of those being tough shots. Basically, they hit shots and we didn't.

Jason is such a talented player. He keeps getting better, and he hates to lose. He is such a joy to coach. In the second half, fatigue caught up to him a little bit. He played a lot of minutes (37) today.

We made a run, and I'm proud of our kids for that, especially playing shorthanded. They could have packed it up after we got behind by 18 points, but they didn't. They're disappointed with the outcome, but they shouldn't be disappointed with their effort.

We answered the first run, but the next one floored us. We didn't have a good enough defensive effort at that point and we didn't have any poise at the offensive end.

They came out in the second half and threw a pretty good wave at us, and we never responded. We were 5 for 19 on three pointers, and I don't remember many of those being tough shots. Drake just made shots, and we didn't.

That's Southern Illinois basketball at its finest. That's what they do. They certainly took us out of any offense in the first half.

In the first half, we probably caught them off-guard with our zone defense, and out shooters matched theirs. But in the second half, UNI got more second-half opportunities. They turned missed shots into offensive rebounds and then three-pointers.

Our guys played so hard. But give credit to Coach (Jim) Les and Lawrence Wright and Bradley. They made one more play than we did.

It's been a long time since we won on the road.