It was a physical first half.

It's not like promoting an assistant coach who has never been there. He's done it in several places and been successful. I have full confidence in him that he'll be able to put us in good situations and really use the talent that we have.

The protection has been good. If we can continue the way we've been doing — and I'm positive we will — then it's going to be a much better season as far as sack numbers.

I asked David once, 'What does it look like downfield?' ... And he said, 'Dude, they're covered.'

Unfortunately, the penalties and the dropped balls were our biggest downfall of the first half.

You can't win by just running three yards at a time, hoping to bust one out.

I think the protection schemes that we're calling are very sound.

The thing you notice about Domanick, like all great backs, when he's in there, he makes things happen. The line is blocking the same as they do with other backs, but for some reason when he's in there, you gain yards.

In this league, you've got to run to win, but you've got to throw to score.