The Rose Institute is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.

The governor is now in sheer panic mode.

You know a campaign is going south when a candidate stops talking about his issues and postures for the cameras.

They have an inherent conflict of interest.

It's almost like you're praying, ... Your hands are closely cropped together with one hand on each side of the BlackBerry. Your thumbs do all the walking and that is basically the wrong way to do it.

The job has not been offered or discussed. There hasn't been a single conversation.

Perhaps if the governor stopped campaigning for five minutes and started governing, ... he would know that there have been no attempts to revive the [car] tax?. It's also important to remember that no tax increase can go into law without the support of two-thirds of the Legislature and the governor's signature.

Politics at its worst.

I noticed sharp pain in the area between my thumb and index finger, ... I remember making more telephone calls deliberately to avoid having to use the keyboard and the BlackBerry.