Tyler did a good job scoring. They played a box-and-1 on him and he really had to work for his points on the boards and in transition.

We really didn't have any killer instinct tonight. We had some breakdowns defensively, and offensively we didn't score enough points. Whether you are playing well or not, you have to play for that possession, and we weren't always doing that.

We had that lead, and then the next possession they made an easy entry pass. That's when it really started to go downhill.

I thought we played really well defensively in the first half, and offensively we took advantage of what was presented to us.

He's a winner. He's not the quickest kid in the world, but he has great court sense and body control. He plays 32 minutes and doesn't turn the ball over.

I don't really want to comment on that, other than to say he was suspended from school and I don't think it's fair to go any further than that. I don't think (disclosing information) is fair to anybody.

We've been working at the hitting aspect. I think we had eight hits in our first game but just really didn't swing that well. Today, we did.

It's a battle between two good teams. It will be a great game again next Thursday. This one was a well-coached, well-played game by Marlborough.

Athletically, he can play with anyone. He sometimes takes bad shots, but he works hard and is really quick.