Anybody who flies frequently is going to go for this, because it's annoying to be patted down.

It seems to me that they ought to have enough money to build a new stadium and to locate or relocate wherever they want to.

When Salah was arrested, it was a very public event. It would not have been smart for Israeli officials to subject Salah to the torture he is claiming.

I think it's ridiculous that we've set up a separate authority and a stream of separate, dedicated funding and given them the bonding authority and these kinds of things - because basically the taxpayers shouldn't be responsible for funding a private-sector entity like that, especially in professional sports, where they make tons of money.

I've not been supportive of this effort - because I don't think we ought to use taxpayer dollars to promote basically a private-sector business that makes lots of money to encourage them to come into the state.

I personally do not see this as the best song we could have to represent the entire commonwealth.