If I'm Hillary, I'm sitting here and saying, 'Here's somebody in the South who seems to have another notch in his belt. I've gotta figure out a way to trump that,' .

This is a unique individual whose base is very strong. In this year of corruption in Washington, being a voice from the outside is a good position to be in.

It is time to stand up and begin questioning the president's leadership, ... I think the Democrats need to do that. . . . The American public is ready to say, 'Enough is enough.' .

Victory makes all your ideas look smarter.

The problem, I think, for all these guys is, if they kid themselves and think the money isn't going to be the first primary, they are crazy. And I don't care how good they are, you don't get checks because they've got good staff. The candidate has to close the deal.

He's got to show he can raise money and be in the top tier of Democratic fundraising. This is the year where they give out invitations to the next round.

And I think this says more about Harris Miller than it does about Jim Webb on this issue.

If you follow through on when he was Navy secretary, his record of appointing women to high-level positions at the Department of the Navy was unprecedented.

[Warner is] the governor, and they're only candidates, so he is bound to overshadow them now, ... This guy [Warner] has so many pluses and is so popular in really every part of the state -- you want [your candidate] to be associated with that.