Steve Hawkins
FameRank: 4

"Steve Hawkins" is an American college basketball coach and the current head Western Michigan Broncos men's basketball/men's basketball coach at Western Michigan University. He had previously served as the head coach at Quincy University.

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Defensively, we've got a little more depth, ... We lost quite a few good players Š but we're deeper this year. We're still pretty young. The guys who are playing got a lot of playing time last year. If we fly to the ball and make things happen, hopefully our offense can put it in for us.

We have a chance to be a good team by the end of the year, ... but we can't wait long on the young kids because we have a tough schedule. I have to be patient.

We've got four freshmen, and some ranked our class as high as No. 30 in the country.

If there was one real bright spot tonight offensively it was Brian and the way he played with a lot more confidence.

Those were our best two shooters.

I thought we made great progress in Hawaii, but the neutral site games are over and what we didn't respond to tonight was a pretty hostile road atmosphere. We just didn't have good energy tonight. There are going to be better nights for the Broncos.

He's a beast. He's one of the few big guys you're going to see all year long that has more assists than turnovers.

They came out tonight like a house on fire but fortunately for us we stayed calm and composed.

After the meeting, I fell in love with him. Smart, intelligent, asked a lot of questions, asked the right questions. I was very impressed with him as a person.