Steve Burns
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"Steven Michael" ""Steve"" "Burns" is an American entertainer. He is best known as the original host of the long-running children's television program Blue's Clues, and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award/Daytime Emmy for his performance on the show in 28th Daytime Emmy Awards#Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series/2001.

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In the final 12 to 13 minutes of the game, we were just hoping and praying that we could pick balls up that were dropping. But they did a better job picking them up, and the game was theirs at that point.

I thought we carried the run of play and had more dangerous chances. (Massachusetts) finished their chances early out in the beginning of the game, (and we didn't).

It's a transition from where we were last year as a team, and, with that, it unfortunately takes some time for a team that plays that way to find its form. Early in the season, you can make a couple of mistakes and lose games like this. We don't want to make anymore, that's for sure.

With the addition of lights and a new student section, we expect there will be an energy rarely seen on our field, ... This energy will undoubtedly translate to our players and create a fantastic environment to watch Michigan Soccer.

It eats at me. And if it eats at me, I'm going to make sure it eats at (my team).

You always get chances (to score) against a good team, and the difference is that they were finishing their chances at a much higher rate than we were. Regardless of how they scored their first goal, (they had) chances before that to get on the board. That's something we're waiting to see our team put together.

There wasn't any panic on our side. We don't like going down a goal, but there wasn't any panic. And after that goal a lot of the energy came out of the game, and we started to call on the bench players to see if we could get it back. That was really the overall tactic that we thought Indiana couldn't last through.

We felt real comfortable especially after Bobby scored that goal. We are a team that is going to be effective when we play within our system and move the ball quickly. We are a more technical team that isn't reliant upon special players to break the game open.

(Massachusetts) scored its goals on a couple of breakdowns and lack of discipline with our overall team shape early. They did the smart thing-they tried to sit on a two-goal lead and they did it, and we weren't able to crack them.