The first priority is to run the yellow buses and then it depends on what happens with the fuel supply.

There is a process in place by which we evaluate our roofs. Our roofing consultant doesn't think it's abnormal, he would tell us if anything is going on; there's nothing wrong with the metal roof.

Being as I-255 is there, we have to go over it, ... We are trying to create a quicker, easier route to get to Illinois (Route) 140.

Open casting calls are an exciting, out-of-the-box way to attract fresh, new talent.

We're going to have to re-look at how we do things and what we can do in the future if we face this situation again to keep our activities going.

I encourage anyone interested to show up and test their skills, ... as the number of positions available at Shop At Home will be determined by the number of quality applicants. We remain very open to possibilities throughout this process.

Notes servers run on Windows servers, Notes clients run on Windows. There is a lot of need in the IBM community to make sure Notes is compatible with Office. So it makes sense that Microsoft capitalizes on this before IBM gets traction with Workplace.

We'll take it day by day (after the holiday) and see how the fuel situation looks. (Canceling games) might be a possibility, but hopefully we'll see some relief.

This is by far the largest boost that we?ve had.