We monitor all the injury reports and look at what happened in the game. We will contact clubs and ask them for an explanation.

We're monitoring the hurricane and we continue to be in contact with both the Chiefs and Dolphins.

If he complies with the conditions he's under, that would be it.

If a team requests an inquiry, we follow up on it. In the case of the Colts, there's nothing to report. To say that there has been an investigation regarding this topic for a Colts game is not correct.

This is an impermissible act under NFL policy.

Players who are suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy are permitted some club contact to help rehabilitate their condition, but on the flip side, steroid violators are not afforded any club contact because they are being disciplined for cheating.

There's no precedent for anything being altered.

In the past, aberrations have occurred to make it one week. It will be two weeks exclusively every year. Two weeks is natural.

Once the letter is sent, the player is out.