"Stephen Walters" is an English actor best known for his film roles as Nitro in Mean Machine (film)/Mean Machine and Shanks in Layer Cake (film)/Layer Cake.

In 1996, Walters appeared as Hillsborough disaster victim Ian Glover in a television film about the disaster which took place seven years earlier. He also appeared in episode 3 of Band of Brothers (TV miniseries)/Band of Brothers, protraying Technician fifth grade John McGrath (soldier)/John McGrath.

In 2007 Walters played a supporting role in the UK drama Skins (2007 TV Series)/Skins - he appeared in three episodes of the first series as paranoid drug dealer Madison (Mad) Twatter.

In 2012 Walters appeared alongside Stephen Graham (actor)/Stephen Graham in the BBC dramas Accused (TV series)/Accused and Good Cop. In 2013 he starred in the ITV1 comedy drama series Great Night Out as Daz, and in the BBC Drama Series The Village (2013 TV series)/The Village as Crispin Ingham, a teacher.

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The fall in employment is a good indicator that things are pretty tough. The economy faces some stiff headwinds from the central bank's interest-rate increases and that's going to be showing up in the employment market, the housing market and consumer spending.

The fall in retail sector profits reflects the inability of many retailers to pass on cost increases in an environment of weak consumer spending.

There's good evidence that economic momentum globally is picking up and that's typically positive for commodities and the Australian dollar.

Parts of the economy are still doing well, with mining booming and that's generating jobs. I do think that employment growth will slow this year and that will be enough to keep the central bank on the sidelines.

Even though there are a lot of anecdotes that the housing market is bouncing back, these numbers will cool that down a little bit.