With a threat this serious we had to start speaking with one powerful voice. When the government does something good we will be there to back it up. But when it fails we will be making noise. Climate change should be an electoral issue, like schools, hospitals and terrorism.

By rewarding energy efficiency and increasing taxes on dangerous and polluting forms of transport, Brown can help to combat climate change and end fuel poverty.

It is a facade. They will simply use the same analysis but come to different conclusions.

The day was a very good start. There was a good buzz and a lot of enthusiasm. There could have been more MPs - it shows they're still not taking climate change seriously - but today laid a very solid foundation for the coalition and its future work.

This budget may be the first sign that we're about to get a prime minister who acts on climate change instead of just talking about it. Many of these measures will make the difference if properly implemented.

Nuclear power is not the answer to climate change ? it's costly, dangerous and a terrorist target.