It's a slow and miserable way to die. These tumors grow as ulcerated masses and cause bleeding and infection.

It has become increasingly evident that Pentland is not realizing any material benefit from its listing and we believe a large number of the minority investors would welcome a premium cash exit from their investment.

I have never seen him so happy writing something.

I still think our campaign worked to our advantage. There is no guarantee that with an author we would have gotten as much publicity.

Together, they have been responsible for a remarkable number of distinctive books that have won critical acclaim and been hugely popular, sustaining big sellers.

Yes, I'm disappointed it has not sold at a stronger level. But I'm thrilled we put as much effort as we did into this book.

We firmly believe we're doing a great service to America by publishing the innermost thoughts of our gravest enemy.

In an age where there are so few real stars, it is a thrill to be publishing the autobiography of a truly iconic figure whose life story will be of interest to millions of people around the world.