So many of the problems we deal with are preventable. But we try to work things out and explain to the students that they don't want to get in even more trouble in the future. I like talking to them and finding an answer.

These new draft policies maintain our strong commitment to the fundamental mission of the NPS to protect and allow for appropriate enjoyment of the parks.

I want to grow into the best person I can be.

By enhancing the National Park Service focus on partnering with communities and neighbors, we intend to ensure that sites representing the fullness of the American experience are preserved.

I know that we have quite a few angry parents. We meant no ill will. We did not intend to harm or make the girls feel bad. ... We tried to take as much care to protect their dignity.

Every day, without fail, we are tested when we make decisions on what to do or what not to do, what to build or what not to build, what to allow or what not to allow. By evolving and adapting our policies to keep the parks relevant to the public we serve, we ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities for enjoyment of park resources that we have today.