He says, 'I've seen 50 million paintings, I know magenta,'.

He joked later, while being photographed in his garden, ''my job is to look stiff without being stiff.

I would guess my law clerks could meet (that standard) every day.

Breyer said, ''that certainly looks to text, certainly looks to history, certainly looks to tradition and precedent -- but that also emphasizes heavily the purpose of this particular provision and the consequences as viewed in terms of the purposes, is more likely to get at what this law is about, what area of human life it is seeking to affect and how. That's what I think the essence of law is.

The judge was authorized to determine for sentencing purposes whether crack, as well as cocaine, was involved.

Remember, 100 or 150 years ago, you could walk down the street, your neighbors might see you, they'd watch what you do.

But the wonderful thing about human memory is, it forgets, ... And so you always have another chance. People don't remember after a time. The computer remembers forever. There it is: picture recorded.

A hallmark of American justice in the last 30 years.