Stephen Chow
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"Best Actor"2002 Shaolin Soccer "Best Director"2002 Shaolin Soccer

/ goldenbauhiniaawards = "Best Actor"1996 A Chinese Odyssey "Best Director"2002 Shaolin Soccer

/ hkfcsawards = "Best Actor"

1996 A Chinese Odyssey

/ goldenhorseawards = "Best Director"

2005 Kung Fu Hustle"Best Supporting Actor"1988 Final Justice (1988 film)/Final Justice

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/ tvbanniversaryawards = "Jade Lifetime Achievement Award"1999

/ awards = "Asia Pacific Film Festival"

Best Actor

1992 Justice, My Foot

"Blue Ribbon Awards"

Best Foreign Language Film

2003 Shaolin Soccer

"Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival"

Silver Scream Award

2005 Kung Fu Hustle


"Stephen Chow" (}}, "Chow Sing-Chi"; born 22 June 1962) is a Hong Kong people/Hong Kong actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer/producer and political adviser of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

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Not that it is a shortcut. I'd like to emphasize that CG is a tool; the main purpose of it is to assist, ... Take the kung fu movie as an example: Kung fu itself is imaginative, and CG can help us to visualize images at such a level to go beyond our physical boundary.

Everyone in this World must eat. There are no borders when it comes to food. It's a subject that anyone can understand.

[Having bought the rights, however, the American company was unsure how to market it to Western audiences and sat on it for nearly two years.] I've learnt that sometimes you've got to be patient, ... But it's hard for me to judge why they did it.

I've learnt that sometimes you've got to be patient. But it's hard for me to judge why they did it.

Audiences always love kung fu. I think since Bruce Lee came to Hollywood he awoke the whole world to this cinema. For me, Bruce Lee will always be the real master.

But I hope we'll do better in the future.

There will be a lot of new characters in the movie. We'll need a lot of new actors. It's possible that we'll look for people abroad besides casting locals.

Hong Kong comic actor and director Stephen Chow said Tuesday he'll start filming the sequel to his action film .

Kung fu and soccer are the two things that I was most interested in as a child.