The CISD Transportation Department promptly responded to the situation and had buses available immediately to transport students, along with their teachers, to Alice Johnson Junior High. AJJH and Harvey Brown staff organized tables to greet parents and have them sign out their children.

The district learned of information that pointed to the possibility of a bomb in the student's locker. The campus was searched with bomb-sniffing dogs, and the student's locker was also thoroughly searched for any type of contraband.

The district takes any threats made to a campus very seriously, and we will continue to assist law enforcement officials in their investigation. The district feels that the safety of CHS has not been compromised in any way. The staff at the high school and the Pct. 3 Constable's Office has ensured the safety of our students.

The fire burned a portion of the cabinet and did minor damage to the ceiling. There were no students in the classroom at the time the fire started. The sprinkler system was triggered and the flames were extinguished.

To respect student confidentiality, and because the situation is still in appeal, we are not disclosing any information about the situation or the students.

The maintenance staff, nutrition services, transportation department, and AJJH staff worked hard to provide services and accommodate the students and staff of Harvey Brown.