The secretary-general welcomes the initiative of the British Foreign Secretary, H.E. Mr. Jack Straw, to undertake a mission to Cyprus, Greece and Turkey this week.

The secretary-general is very concerned about the increasing tensions in the country and appeals to all parties to uphold the 2003 ceasefire agreement.

The secretary-general is deeply saddened by the news of today's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, in which a number of innocent civilians were wounded. No cause can justify deliberate acts designed to kill or main civilians.

She has received a letter informing her of the secretary- general's decision to summarily dismiss her for misconduct, including sexual harassment, effective immediately.

The secretary-general is greatly troubled by the worsening security situation in Chad, resulting from the ongoing fighting between government forces and rebel fighters.

It is critical that these restrictions be lifted, irrespective of political issues and considerations.

He strongly condemns once again any attempts to seize power by force or other unconstitutional means, and appeals to the protagonists to resolve their political differences through peaceful negotiations.

He calls upon Palestinians and Israelis to do their utmost to maintain calm at this difficult moment.