Twenty-seven years ago I travelled with the then Archbishop of Krakow Cardinal Karol Wojtyla to Rome (where he was elected Pope). I am convinced he will continue to lead me by the hand from on high.

Thank you, thank you, Holy Father.

I kept that audio cassette, but I haven't yet had the strength to listen to it again.

The free homeland is largely the fruit of his teachings.

It would be his last (message), because from that day he would be able, with great effort, to pronounce only a few phrases.

Many journalists who in the past have written about the pope's health are already in heaven.

I hope not to have to vote a second time, and I would like my compatriots to choose who will be president today.

He heard everything. He heard the square, he heard the prayer, the presence of the young people, the Holy Father heard, because he was conscious right to the end, almost to the end, even the last day.