Standard Life
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"Standard Life plc" is a long term savings and investment business, with headquarters in Edinburgh and operations around the globe. It has 1.5 million shareholders in more than 50 countries and over 6 million customers.

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It should be of no surprise to anyone that Standard Life has a strict focus to keep its regulator fully informed.

The financial markets appear to be betting that demand has slowed and supply is coming back on.

Our plans for demutualization are at an advanced stage. Before proceeding, the company must assure itself that there are unlikely to be major concerns on the part of the regulator or the independent experts who must report to the courts. To that end, we are engaged in regular, full and open discussions on aspects of the demutualization program.

The main reason for that is corporate earnings growth. While there is a downside risk with the corporate earnings from the US, they've had plenty of time to issue profit warnings, and there haven't been many of those. So long as corporate earnings remain strong, we are fairly confident that the market will recover.

There are different mortality rates for males and females, so females get a higher sum assured.

Mitsubishi UFJ's first priority is to digest the merger, ... Speed of execution is the crucial factor.

I don't think people should underestimate the potential for LNG in China in the longer term.

We're fairly upbeat over the longer term.

There are some signs that high oil prices are making consumers adjust the way they spend money and that will affect demand at the margin. But, underlying demand in the U.S. economy is pretty robust.