Stan Sakai
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"Stan Sakai"/?? ??/Sakai Masahiko/4=born May 25, 1953 in Kyoto, Japan}} is a sansei/third-generation Japanese American Cartoonist comic book creator. He is best known as the creator of the comic series Usagi Yojimbo.

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It's translated into about a dozen languages, ... but there has never been an American comic book that has made a dent in the Japanese market.

That's how far back it goes.

He's matured as a warrior and a person, I've matured, too.

I do everything myself except coloring for the covers.

Most of my female characters tend to be very strong characters.

I make my own limits which are drawn according to my own taste.

Kids just don't read any more. They spend much more time with video games. It's just hard to get kids to read anything. Book sales have dropped dramatically, too. I think 90% of the books are bought only by 5% of the US population.

All my knowledge comes from research.