Maureen is either really hot or really cold. When she's on she is really on though.

It's kind of strange, kind of crazy. We knew that two sisters were coming (several years ago), but I didn't know about Mel until this Fall. They all seem to be very close.

We have some very tough games ahead which we need to get ready for tournament time. We had some shaky moments but it was good to comeback against quality teams.

I told her to stop trying so hard, and to just relax.

It seemed like everyone had a hit or two in that game. We were just on and once we get a four-run lead the chances are that we're going to win.

It was a strange spring because of the lack of rain we had. As a result, we were definitely ready to play once the season started. We needed to get off to a fast start because we had all division games right from the start.

It hasn't always been easy. Those victories give us the confidence to know that we can come back against tough opponents.