We are taking all the steps that are appropriate to reach our goals for the season. The girls have done a phenomenal job. These wins were all about them.

It's about educating our residents new and old about each other and exposing them to the nuances of every culture.

If we play our game, I really believe that we're able to beat most teams in the country. And now instead of just telling the team that, they have been able to see it and do it. We're definitely ready to go out and win another tournament.

That they were very substantive, very graphic, very detailed. If she is making it up, not only is it perjury, but the court will swing the other way and give the kids to Charlie.

Bad move. Congratulations, it's wonderful if you have a new relationship but be private about it. Legally, it's irrelevant. (But) people may now question the validity of her allegations.

If he is smart, he will do this quickly, be generous and move on.

The council, to their credit, are approaching this issue with care and asking good questions. We can't see all, we can't do all and we can't know all, but a human relations committee can help improve a community.

This game will help us stay focused. We need this game to help us stay on track with what we are trying to do.