You never know where you're going to get a good idea from.

He's a weapon. As the season went on, we started to do more and more things for him. We had to be convinced this wasn't a fad. But without him we wouldn't have 15 wins or be in a position to challenge Mount Vernon.

I think we did a poor job executing our press offense. We had four empty possessions to start the third and they went on a run.

It shows his growth and his character. He finally got past it, and the best way of getting past it is to get back out on the court.

He never really got into the flow of the game and neither did our entire team.

We're not good enough to have a letdown. We're just going to have to bounce back. We need to develop more consistency and maturity. We have a tough schedule — every day is a new challenge.

Give credit to them. They got better, they played a lot harder, and they caught us at a good time. We had a little residual from the last game, but we were able to gut it out down the stretch.

I think deep down he was always a good kid, who wanted to do the right thing. He finally figured out what things were important to him and started to ask about college and what he needs to get there.

We can't get a 6-foot-6 post player every year. You have to coach what walks through the door.