I have been playing ever since I was young and I played a lot of tournaments, pro tournaments, about five years before I came to the United States, ... So it just came to me.

I'm very happy that I won the tournament. I practiced hard and put a lot of effort into it, so I guess that was the result.

My putting is not as good as last week because the green is slow. But my shots is even better than last week, so that's why I can make good putt birdies.

I wish we'd have been on the clock. I wanted her [Kerr] to pick it up, but I didn't want to bother her because she was playing well. She is always slow. Everybody knows she's a slow player. I walked with Paula a lot and we talked about it. If the pace was better, I'd have had a better chance.

I waited so long for the past three years.

I waited so long, for the past three years. I thought about it, I guess, like I was in a slump for three years and I worked really hard on it.

On the 12th hole, I made a mistake and it became a triple, ... That was a huge mistake. After I made the triple, I was mad. But I thought, 'I can get over this.' .

I missed a few putts but I feel so great.

I guess I was in a slump for three years and working very hard on it. And I didn't give up.