Some funds shift their assets heavily, but it's really hard to blunt the blow of volatility. Negative returns in the double digits are not uncommon.

I'm very glad to see it close. We've been cautioning investors not to expect as much from it because its asset base has significantly limited its flexibility. At a certain level, it's going to lose its ability to distinguish itself from an index fund.

I don't think the conflicts completely disappear but the transaction certainly helps alleviate some of that.

It's not an auspicious time to roll out a small-cap fund, so investors should keep their expectations in check since small-caps may be in for a breather.

It's to promote the beauty and power of math. It is beautiful and powerful and how it shouldn't be a scary thing.

The new fund will be playing in different space, but you can make some assumptions about how it might perform by looking at Strategic Equity Fund.

If a manager's being inundated with cash, it can make his job difficult. This is an attempt to let things cool off. Once they do, I'd look for this one to reopen.

It's a sad fact, but mutual-fund investors really get a raw deal when it comes to taxes.

It's a good, solid core fund and has a good, long track record, so all of that provides an extra measure of comfort, and it's reasonably priced. Given the pleasing results there, we wouldn't be surprised if the newer offerings are attractive as well.