Since we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bald Eagle wrestling we told the boys to continue to come out and wrestle hard and show those honored that the tradition is still going strong. And we need to continue to keep it going.

Our boys came out, they were ready to wrestle. Shawn Switzer looked pretty good tonight getting back in the lineup. It was a great effort for a team that hopefully is going to peak at the right time.

125 was the perfect place to start. We felt like Jake could do the job and he did. That started things rolling. And once it gets going, everyone feeds off it and they want to go out and win.

Right now, they are a group of boys that are solid top to bottom, we have no holes. So if we stay healthy to the end of the season, get some wins and stay aggressive, I think a lot of good things are to come.

Switzer got us off to a good start. We're always telling our kids they have to wrestle the full six minutes, especially at the district duals where everyone is out to win.

That was a hard match, just a really good match. Being ranked No. 1 in the state is weighing heavy on Mike right now. His first couple of matches here he was wrestling not to lose. He didn't wrestle as good as he can. But he's got to get used to the pressure; it comes with the territory.

I think Mike had his team as well prepared as he could. They wrestled tough in every match. He's definitely making an impact in his first season.

Grant wrestled a good match. Those two kids are the same caliber; shots didn't come easy.

That was a very intense match. Kevin only weights 190-something so every time he goes out there he's giving up 30, 40 pounds. It's an uphill battle for him every time he steps out there. He wrestled as hard as he could. He just came up a little short.