The department has instituted a thorough investigation into these cases. If there are eligible people here, they need to come forward. Probably early next month we'll be able to say 'so many cases were fraudulent'.

The hospital has paid all suppliers.

This winter season alone we saved more than 5 000 initiates and if it were not for the government's intervention, more than 260 initiates could have died.

The outbreak response team is also providing members of her family with prophylactic treatment.

The workshop will be attended by nurses, doctors and hospital management. The aim is to come up with a strategy of how best to address these complaints in terms of the allocation of resources.

We are very pleased with the exercise, because we suspected there was something very wrong with our system.

This statement can be described only as utter rubbish.

When we spoke to them they said the reason why they went to the bush was because of peer pressure.

All that is fixed because our guys worked till the early hours of the morning. Our system is back on track. The only problem we have is the water source is badly reduced because of the drought, so the flow is very slow.