Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause; He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws.

Continuing sharp improvements in Venezuela's external and debt indicators motivated the upgrade. High oil prices have generated large current account surpluses for the country, which in turn has boosted the external assets of the public sector.

The country's better growth prospects are largely a result of significant and sustained improvement in domestic security that has, in turn, led to renewed domestic confidence and double-digit growth in private investment.

It's nice to come out on the winning side of one of those.

The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.

He's another bigger running back-type that Iowa seems to like.

The major lifting has been done. Now it's just a question of holding it together.

Anytime anybody works and accumulates something, I don't think that it's right for somebody to just move in to take it for a shopping center, housing . . . that's yours, ... Your worked for that. You're entitled to have it.

The officers (in Slidell) haven't been home since it happened.

When you say something to the mother, she wants to fist-fight you, ... I just wish something could be done.

SOAR changed the debate. Developers will still develop. But we said they should develop within these lines. And that is what has happened. When I drive through Ventura County, it is still awfully pretty.

The success rate is still in the 70 percent range.

Conquer thyself, till thou has done this, thou art but a slave; for it is almost as well to be subjected to another's appetite as to thine own.

What gets people mad is when these things occur behind closed doors, ... These are issues that need to be discussed in public.

All Faith is false, all Faith is true: Truth is the shattered mirror strown In myriad bits; while each believes His little bit the whole to own.

Reason is life's sole arbiter.

When we hit on all cylinders like we did today on offense, defense and special teams, I know that we can play with all the big boys in this Division.

Teachers have described him as friendly, well-liked.

Is it a down year in the Big Ten region? No, ... But I think it's somewhat down in the particular areas Iowa seems to go to most often.