Winning one trophy is good, I tell you. No matter what trophy it might be, you've got to take it.

The T-shirts were the players' idea; it was an appropriate gesture because he'd had such a bad injury just a week before the final. He deserved that. He showed real courage last week - he's taken courage to a new level; courage that convinces you he'll be OK.

We started the game badly, but Liverpool can play for five minutes and win a game.

It is obvious Gary is going to get stick. He has always got stick from the Liverpool fans and judging by some of the stuff I have been reading, he will do well to get out of there alive. It will be incessant and we expect that, but I hope we don't reach the stage where it starts affecting the referee's performance.

It will be good to get a second opinion as it's been a few weeks and we need to find a remedy. We are purely guessing what is wrong. It is unusual because the first specialist he saw is regarded as one of the best in the world.

It was the players' idea and Alan deserved it. He showed unbelievable courage last week and it is that courage that convinces me he will be okay.

He has broken his leg and dislocated the ankle joint.

It's a bad one. It's a break in the leg, the ligaments have gone and the ankle joint has come right out. He's gone to hospital. It's one of the worst I've seen. We're all thinking of Alan at this moment in time.

We dominated the second-half, no question, but we should have done better in the first.