Simon Rattle
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"Simon Denis Rattle", , is an United kingdom/English Conducting/conductor. He rose to international prominence during the 1980s and 1990s as conductor of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and since 2002 has been principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic (BPO).

In September 2013, he was rumoured to have accepted the post of principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) after he steps down from the BPO.

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Culture and, within culture, music are the best and most fascinating thing that the German capital has to offer internationally. It is putting that at risk.

Everybody who witnessed the premiere of the dance was deeply moved by the experience and many of them—including myself—had tears in their eyes when we saw the energy and honesty as well as the unbelievable brilliance and discipline of the young dancers.

The situation is catastrophic. I can see the hopeless situation of the city... this cultural dismantling is an incredible shame for Berlin.