I just fail to see who would be interested in buying Pilkington and I wouldn't be chasing it at this level.

Nutritionally it's very complete. The unprocessed beans and wholegrains have much higher levels of nutrients than if they are packaged and processed.

There are arguments for further consolidation, but it would be a very heroic bidder that would pay this much.

We are being very careful in the investigation and we are going to take as much time as we need.

If you eat fresh foods that have a living energy, the food returns that living energy.

We're still reviewing the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Most of the investigation is complete. At this point, we're largely in the evaluation stage of the review.

The eldest was surprised when he went to comprehensive school and people said his lunch looked healthy and wished their mum could make something similar.

What the office does in terms of the pardon process is the pardon petition is submitted with reasons and letters. We contact the sentencing judge and the attorney. We talk to the Department of Corrections, who puts together a package. We do not take a stance. Then the pardon petition is sent to the governor and the Executive Council for a decision.