ECIS deeply regrets that strong antitrust law enforcement appears to be the only way to stop the sustained anti-competitive behavior of Microsoft.

The issues today remain unchanged. Two years on, Microsoft's technical documentation remains incomplete, inaccurate and unusable.

Failure to uphold this Commission decision will allow Microsoft to continue these anti-competitive practices ... in the markets addressed in the current case and would open the way for an extension of the monopoly into new areas.

On the eve of this five-day hearing, it is important to go back to basics. This case involves a clear abuse of market power by a super-dominant company using its monopoly power in one market -- PC client operating systems -- to foreclose competition on the merits in two others -- media streaming applications and work group servers.

We are at a crossroads. Will one dominant player be permitted to control those conditions, or will the rules that guarantee competition on the merits prevail, to the benefit of all?