It scared us out of our wits, ... Man, we couldn't get into the car fast enough.

I was the one to identify the ring that was taken off the body, ... Those who didn't believe it are holding their head in shame now.

I was with him in the store and I was with him in bed when he was taken. Overnight everything was changed. Innocence was gone. Things I experienced that night, I never even dreamed of happening. It had a negative effect on my life but I made the best of what I had. I didn't let it destroy me.

Won't be able to sleep well. ... People who commit murder shouldn't be able to walk around without fearing the long arm of the law.

The family can't do anything. It's up to Mrs. Chiles now and the state of Mississippi that's been given a rare chance to redeem themselves. They claim that they have changed. We're gonna see. We're going to stand back and watch what happens.

If we can get somebody on the witness stand it would bring some closure, ... If Keith hadn't come along with his film, the Emmett Till case never would have been reinvestigated.