I didn't mention anything about the sidewalk sale, and when my dad got to the store on Monday morning, people were lined up to get in. My dad asked them what they were doing there. They told him they were there to buy more of the sidewalk sale bargains they had purchased last week.

Lancaster wanted grassroots people to run his campaign in the various counties, and a friend from Goldsboro asked Lyn Shaw to run his (Lancaster's) campaign here in Bladen.

I started the tradition of sidewalk sales at the ripe old age of 16.

I am proud that I was on the committee that selected Tyrell Godwin of East Bladen High School as a finalist. He was later selected for the scholarship and elected to turn down an offer of almost $2 million from the (New York) Yankees in order to attend UNC on the scholarship.

She has hired some good folks that have allowed us to compete with the national chains in our ladies and children's lines.

Here it was basically a smooth transition, despite the problems that were encountered in a lot of areas, ... Mr. Essic Williams came over as assistant principal and became a big influence on my life. He played a big role in helping the transition to go smoothly.

My grandfather's brother, Phillip, lived in Whiteville and told my grandfather about a nearby town-which turned out to be Elizabethtown-that was a nice town and had a bright future, ... He moved here in 1935. He opened in the same location we're in today, only in a lot smaller store.

We-Lyn Shaw, Norgie Hester and myself-went to see the inauguration the year George Bush was sworn in as president in 1989.